About Wordsley Housing Society

What We Do

Our supported living service provides tenancy accommodation with integrated support in the community. Services are delivered in 24 hour staff supported accommodation; to ensure that support can be provided at the time it is needed, including crisis situations.

We offer flexible, person-centred support packages and use the Recovery Star and the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) to aid recovery focusing on the whole person not just their mental health condition.

The Recovery Star enables our tenants’ to understand their recovery and measure their progress by setting personal goals within ten areas of the ‘star’.

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) works by establishing and putting into practice coping strategies, crisis planning, collaborative working and a realistic and effective approach to recovery.

This model of “co-production” pools the resources of the tenant, their support networks, our services and partner agencies to produce the best possible outcomes for the tenant.

We recognise that some individuals will always require the type of support we offer, however in general, the aim, as we actively work with each of our tenants, is that they develop the necessary skills to move on to more independent living with minimal support if possible; then eventually living completely independently as an integrated member of the community.

Our History

Wordsley Housing Society opened 30 Brook Street in 1987 as a mental health residential care home in response to the predicted closure of two psychiatric hospitals – Burton Road Hospital and Barnsley Hall Hospital. In 1996, an extension was added to the building offering further accommodation and recreational space.

Three two-bed properties were added to our portfolio – two in 2002 and one in 2009 – to offer tenants the opportunity to experience independent living with reduced hours of support as a stepping stone before living completely independently as an integrated member of the community.

In March 2015, we transitioned from a residential care home to a supported living service offering tenants more choice and control that comes from having a tenancy agreement.

Our Team

We have a friendly, diverse team of 37 including 22 support workers who have the right values, behaviours and experience to work in social care. They love making a difference and some of our support workers have been with us since 1999.

We use safe recruitment and selection procedures. All members of staff undergo an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and have pre-employment checks to confirm that they are suitable to work with people.

Comments from our most recent CQC Report:

Relatives told us they felt confident staff were appropriately trained and equipped to carry out their role. Comments included, “The staff are very good. They know what they’re doing,” and, “I think the staff are excellent.”

A professional who had regular contact with the service told us staff had been very supportive when a person was physically unwell. They said, “[Staff] went above and beyond their remit to support the patient after the operation. They were available at night to support [them] and were very accommodating to [their] needs.”

Staff receive an induction, ongoing training, professional development and performance reviews to ensure that they remain up to date with recommended practice and regulatory requirements in order for them to carry out their role and responsibilities.

Board of Trustees

We have a Board of Trustees who are volunteers that share ultimate responsibility for governing the Society and directing how it is managed and run.

The Board consists of seven members and is comprised of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Treasurer and other elected trustees who support the manager with the day-to-day responsibilities and management of the Society, the manager is directly accountable to the board.

The Board retains ultimate control over all aspects of the Society’s work and ensures that its financial and legal responsibilities are properly fulfilled.

Wordsley Housing Society